Drew Brees Vs. Tom Brady

At first glance, Tom Brady may seem like a better quarterback than Drew Brees, but it’s much more of a tough choice when you take a deeper look at it.

First, we’ll give Brady credit for what he’s done. Brady ranks second in NFL history in career completions (6520), pass yards (76,112), pass touchdowns (555), and comebacks (37). He’s no stranger to the playoffs, as he ranks first in league history in playoffs games started (41).

It’s hard to top what Brady’s done, unless you’re Drew Brees however. Brees ranks first in NFL history in career completions (6,992), pass yards (78,747), and pass touchdowns (556). Brees is more efficient than Brady, ranking first in league history in completion percentage (67.6%), and third in passer rating (98.4), while Brady only ranks 16th (63.9%) and 6th (97.0) respectfully. Brees accomplished all of this in less career starts than Brady, where Brees has started 279 games and Brady 289.

Unlike Brady, Brees didn’t have the best coach in NFL history in Bill Belichick, and a consistent top defense. For the previous 14 seasons Brees was with the Saints, they’ve only ranked top ten in total defense in a season twice (2013, 2010), while the Patriots have done it seven times in that timespan. If Brees had that luxury, he would have more than likely had much more playoff success.

So when debating who’s the best QB of all time, it may be more appropriate to say Brady is the best playoff QB of all time and Brees is the best regular season QB of all time. But overall, it’s tough to decide between the two.

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