Pay The Prez

When you have a generational talent like safety Jamal Adams, you want to make sure he stays around in your organization, unfortunately the New York Jets seem to be doing the total opposite so far.

Jamal Adams has been one of the greatest players in Jets history and if he keeps up this consistency with no injury issues, he’s for sure a Hall of Famer. It’s not an exaggeration, while the Jets as a whole have been awful for a decent amount of years, Adams has been the best player on the team his entire NFL career. Before we get into stats and records that he’s broken already, let’s just look at the simple things first. Adams is the perfect example what a team leader looks like. His work ethic is known across the league, he’s been a locker room leader since he was drafted, he’s a fan favorite by many and loved (and he probably still does) being in New York. He’s the guy that would literally spend hours after practices or games, interacting with fans and signing memorabilia or taking photos. Adams has never had an off-field issue, he gets along well with the media, and has never been in the press for the wrong reasons.

Now when it comes to Adams on the field, people underestimate the impact he has for the Jets. He can’t single-handedly make them a playoff contender because the Jets are too terrible, so that argument is ridiculous. It’s almost as ridiculous as when some mention that he only has two interceptions in his career. Interceptions can help a player’s resume, but there’s so much more to a DB’s talent than just interceptions.

In Jamal Adams’ career he’s accomplished the following:

  • The first DB in NFL history to have 12 sacks in their first three seasons.
  • The first DB in NFL history to have 28 TFLs in their first three seasons.
  • The first DB in NFL history to have 23 QB hits in their first three seasons.
  • The first DB in Jets history with 6.5 sacks in a season, the fifth DB in NFL history.
  • The second DB in Jets history to be named First Team All-Pro (Darrelle Revis is the first).
  • He’s one of four players in NFL history to have at least 12 sacks, six forced fumbles, and 270 total tackles in their first three seasons.

We could keep on going, but hopefully you get the picture by now that Adams is not the player the Jets can just trade and replace. Since we have all of that out the way, let’s tackle the “issue” at hand. Adams wants to be paid and is making his frustrations about it clearly public. And rightfully so, his frustration is justifiable and understandable. This is a player who hasn’t caused drama in the past, is a leader on the team and in the community, and arguably most importantly, the Jets currently have no other player on the roster to worry about paying. They just let their best WR Robby Anderson walk, they have no key players that are due or deserve a major extension, so the franchise has no excuse to not just pay Adams now. Even though Adams claims he wants to be traded, the Jets have to find a way to give him the money he deserves, because if they don’t, there’s no compensation that will replace the historical impact Jamal Adams has had on this organization.

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