NBA Trade Scenarios Leading Up To The Draft

The NBA Draft is soon approaching, so we’ll throw some trade scenarios at you.


1. Bradley Beal To The Bulls

It was a mess in Chicago this past season, but the Bulls are one piece away from playoff contenders, which isn’t saying much when you’re in the Eastern Conference. Nonetheless, Chicago is a large market team, and along with the other big city teams, they should be a powerhouse in the league. The trade would involve Bradley Beal for the Bulls’ seventh pick, Kris Dunn, Denzel Valentine, and Cristiano Felicio. Beal paired up with Zach LaVine would be a highly talented backcourt and would allow LaVine to run the point with no issue from Dunn. Washington gets a top pick and a great backup or future starting point guard in Dunn, depending on how John Wall returns from his injury.


2. Mike Conley Moves To Motor City

Source: ClutchPoints

The Suns or Lakers would be the more interesting destinations, but when you look at contracts, Detroit seems like the most realistic option. The Pistons would send something such as their 15th pick, Reggie Jackson, Langston Galloway, Khryi Thomas for Conley. Jackson is a decent point guard alone, pair that with the 15th pick and a solid young shooter in Galloway, that should be enough to obtain Conley.


3. Kevin Love Gets To Play For A Contender In Brooklyn

Rumors may claim Cleveland doesn’t want to deal Kevin Love, but it’s hard to see any player, especially a player of Love’s caliber to want to play in Cleveland. The Cavaliers would get a fairly decent deal, which would be Brooklyn’s 17th pick, 27th pick, Allen Crabbe, and Caris LeVert. Two first rounders, a very talented wing player and an expiring contract in Crabbe should be enough to get Love. Brooklyn have a surplus of wings, likely won’t be able to afford LeVert when his contract his up, and need a big that stretches the floor to pair with Jarrett Allen, so this would be a great pick up for the Nets.


4. Dallas Willing To Take Clint Capela

In today’s NBA where most teams are switching to a fast paced offense, where your big man has to be mobile and have somewhat of a perimeter shot, Capela does not fit that role. Houston should’ve never gave Capela that new contract and instead should’ve re-signed players such as Trevor Ariza, who would have been much more useful in the playoffs than Capela. But with Dallas having arguably the smallest/thinnest frontcourt in the entire NBA, Capela could be useful. With Tim Hardaway Jr.’s contract being nearly as awful, trading him for Capela straight up, could be an even trade and Houston could potentially find some scoring usage from the veteran guard.


5. Anthony Davis Helps Form Super Team In New York

Source: ClutchPoints

Knowing the Knicks’ luck, the total opposite of this scenario will happen where they trade down in the draft and the selection(s) end up being total busts. But being optimistic, if New Orleans really don’t want to trade Anthony Davis to the Lakers, which would make sense because they’d pretty much make their conference competition top contenders for a championship, New York is the best suitor. The trade should be Davis for the third pick, Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina, and Lance Thomas. New Orleans would probably prefer Dennis Smith Jr., Mitchell Robinson, and Damyean Dotson, but no matter how much the Knicks mix up the trade package, those are the players that should be kept out. Smith Jr. and Dotson could be dealt if need be, but Robinson should be the deal breaker if the Pelicans demand him in the deal because he’s highly talented and nowhere near his ceiling. Regardless, the Knicks are by far the best suitors besides the Lakers, so they should be as picky as they want, and if New Orleans won’t make a deal with them that’s their problem and New York will still fair off well with their two max spots and top three pick.

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