WWE Superstar Shakeup Review

Some interesting moves were made the past two weeks on Smackdown and Raw, let’s take a closer look at them.



1. Kairi Sane pairs up with Asuka

With Asuka losing the Smackdown Woman’s Title out of nowhere right before Wrestlemania, it was refreshing to see her get paired up with a promising Kairi Sane, where they will very likely end up being tag team champions, especially considering that Sasha and Bailey are split, and Nia Jax, who was tag team partners with Tamina, will be out for a while with her injury.

2. Finn Balor brings over the Intercontinental Championship

Arguably one of the biggest surprises of Smackdown was Finn Balor and his title coming to Smackdown. The Intercontinental Title is deemed more popular than the US Title, and Balor is more popular than US Champion Samoa Joe, but this could mean there will be a push for Samoa Joe and/or possibly a new re-designed US Title. What’s more realistic though is that Balor eventually loses the IC Title and moves on to a WWE Championship opportunity.

3. Liv Morgan splits from Riott Squad

It was only a matter time before the Riott Squad would be split, especially with Morgan becoming a fan favorite. She could very well become more popular than Ruby Riott eventually. She may not get pushed for a Smackdown’s Woman’s Title opportunity soon, but it will happen eventually.

4. Bayley disconnects the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection

Who knows what Sasha Banks’ future holds, but for now it doesn’t involve Bailey, and she can’t wait on Banks so it’ll be interesting to see how Bailey is used on the blue brand. The “Hugger” is still a huge fan favorite, therefore, we could see title opportunities for her in the near future.

5. Aleister Black starts main roster solo journey

There are claims that Black was moved to Smackdown to be with his wife Zelina Vega, which is also why Andrade stayed on Smackdown as well. Regardless, it was a huge gain for the Tuesday night show and people who aren’t too familiar with NXT will see how talented Black truly is.



1. AJ Styles begins building a new house

One of the least surprises of the shakeup was Styles coming to Raw. The “Phenomenal One” deserves to be on Monday nights after his many accomplishments on Smackdown, including a WWE Title reign that lasted 371 days. What’s interesting is how the highly-talented wrestler will be used on RAW, and the amazing matches we’ll see in the future between him and people like current Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

2. Cedric Alexander moves up from 205 Live

Yours truly predicted Alexander would eventually get called up to the main roster, because Alexander is too talented to just be a 205 Live Superstar for his entire career. Former 205 Live athlete Ali, was moved up to Smackdown a few moths ago and has already had opportunities to contend for the WWE Title, so it’ll be interesting to see how Alexander will be used.

3. Ricochet done with tag teams on Raw for now

As fun as it would have been to see Ricochet and Aleister Black win a main roster tag team title, it’ll be more fun to see what they can do on their own. The high-flying acrobat will bring a lot of flashiness to Raw, and will definitely pull off some crazy performances. The question is whether Ricochet and Aleister Black were called up to the main rosters permanently too soon.

4. Lacey Evans lands on Raw

It’s safe to say everyone was getting tired of seeing Evans just randomly pop up on shows and not do anything for many weeks. Finally, she ends up being on Raw, and is surprisingly already the number one contender for the Raw Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch. It raises eyebrows that Evans has barely had any singles or even tag-team competition on either Smackdown or Raw, and she’s already competing against Lynch in the upcoming Money In The Bank pay-per-view. Hopefully the WWE knows what they’re doing and won’t push Evans over too fast, similar to what they did with Asuka.

5. Cesaro gets another solo opportunity

Deemed by many as the most underrated superstar in the WWE for multiple years, it’s about time the Swiss Cyborg gets some notoriety in singles competition again. Paired up with Sheamus, The Bar was definitely a successful tag team and a favorite for some. But Sheamus has won many kinds of WWE titles by himself, and Cesaro hasn’t been as fortunate. It’s rumored Cesaro has never been pushed very hard by the WWE because he doesn’t have good mic skills. However, Cesaro has learned valuable mic skills while being paired with Sheamus and should be able to fare off fine by himself.


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