First Quarter of the NFL season recap

Ben Roethlisberger, Dak Prescott, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady

There have been many surprises, good and bad, as we’ve gone through this first quarter of the season, and this only the beginning.

Patrick Mahomes is the real deal

If you watched him play at Texas Tech, it was pretty clear that Mahomes was going to a star in the NFL. But of course, there’s always people who were hesitant, and wanted to create a false narrative that Mahomes would be turnover prone in the league, but he’s been the total opposite. Mahomes has been tearing defenses apart and been setting records such as throwing the most touchdown passes in two games. Expect the Kansas City QB to keep on breaking records.

The Atlanta Falcons finally found the #2 receiver they needed in Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley pointing to the fans
Ridley is ridiculous

Calvin Ridley started off quiet in his first week, but has taken off since week 2. He’s been paired with teammate Julio Jones as the one of the top rookie-veteran duos in the league and has been an offensive machine so far. While he doesn’t have as many reception yards as Jones, Ridley has a lot more receiving touchdowns than him with six touchdowns while Jones has none. Ridley could possibly be the player that Atlanta is going to need to go back to the Super Bowl.

Why on earth did you trade Khalil Mack Oakland?!

Going down as the dumbest NFL decision of the decade if not entire NFL history, the Raiders are really regretting trading now Bears player Khalil Mack. In just four games, Mack has five sacks, four forced fumbles, one interception and a touchdown. The Bears defensive end is on pace to be defensive player of the year again after winning it in the 2016 season. When asked about Khalil Mack’s performance this season, Jon Gruden seemed shocked that Mack has been this good, or maybe he was just being sarcastic, either way Oakland should have never let Mack be a Raider for life.

The Los Angeles Rams are Super Bowl favorites

Los Angeles Rams players celebrating
Rams are on a roll

Regardless if it’s only been four weeks of the season, the Rams look unstoppable right now and there’s very few teams that stand a chance. Reigning offensive player of the year Todd Gurley is performing great as always, Jared Goff has been looking good with the plethora of weapons he has, and the Rams defense is living up to the high expectations it had in the preseason. Will they finish the entire season and postseason undefeated? They most likely won’t, but this team is stacked with talent on both sides of the ball lead by skilled coach, Sean McVay.

Le’Veon Bell is serious about sitting out this season

Any glimpse of hope that Le’Veon Bell would come back early from his holdout this season has definitely gone out the window. Arguably the best running back in football, Bell’s holdout has definitely impacted Pittsburgh’s team and they need him more than ever. The Steelers are tied for last in their division with a record of 1-2-1 and interim starting running back James Connor has had two of his last three games where he’s rushed for less than 20 yards. With rumors that Bell is coming back during the team’s week seven bye week, the Steelers need to figure out a way to survive without Bell, especially when he signs with another team after this season.


One thought on “First Quarter of the NFL season recap

  1. I agree that Patrick Mahomes is the real deal. He reminds of me of better physically, Russell Wilson. He moves well in the pocket and has great timing of rolling out. Add in the accuracy and quick minded he plays is stunning to watch. I don’t know about you but I’m just waiting until we see the Chiefs collapse this season like to seem to have every year under Reid.


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