Early NFL Fantasy rookie contemplation

There are still games left to go in the preseason, but people are already having their fantasy drafts (I don’t get why), and it’s never too early in the preseason to talk about fantasy so here’s some thoughts on this years rookies.

Don’t draft any rookie QBs

It’s still too early to tell if quarterbacks such as Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, and Lamar Jackson may start or even play at all this season. Even if any of them get declared the starter week 1, they have fierce competition behind them on the depth chart, and if they mess up, they could get benched easily. If anything, wait until after a couple of games and determine if you want to pick them up in free agency.

Beware of the Royce Freeman hype

Broncos rookie RB Royce Freeman has been impressive so far in the preseason, but it seems Denver running backs have been cursed for years by how they look promising at first then fizz out. This year’s prime example is Devontae Booker, who’s projected to lose the starting job to Freeman. Freeman is definitely worth a late round pick for the moment, but don’t get your expectations up too high.

D.J. Chark can be a top rookie WR in fantasy

There’s reports that Chark has been the most impressive WR for the Jaguars so far in camp and that’s encouraging being that he didn’t have a lot of production at LSU. Chark is a freak athlete standing at 6’4, ran a 4.34 forty and had a 40 inch vertical at the combine. There’s not much competition in Jacksonville’s WR group, so he has a chance of being the number one receiver for Blake Bortles, and Bortles needs a go-to target after losing both Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns in free agency. It’s a big risk, but Chark could end up being a valuable pick in the last round.


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