Underappreciated rookies that are starting to be appreciated

This year’s high draft picks have been impressive so far, including rookies such as #1 pick Baker Mayfield, #2 pick Saquon Barkley, and #3 pick Sam Darnold. Those rookies are expected to show their talent right away but there’s other players that were drafted later that have something to prove to some people.

1. Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles

Even though Goedert was a 2nd round pick, many fans did not know much about him. He played at a D1-AA school in South Dakota State, so Goedert has been criticized for not playing against good enough competition. But if people were fortunate enough to watch him play in college, it was clear to tell that he was highly talented and could’ve very well gone in the first round this year. The South Dakota native started his first NFL game already on Thursday and produced quickly. He caught four passes for 66 yards including a 15-yard touchdown, all in the first half. Goedert and Zach Ertz together should be the best TE duo in the league since Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

2. Antonio Callaway, Cleveland Browns

Another player that should’ve been drafted earlier than he was, Callaway displayed the potential he had when he was at the University of Florida before being suspended for the 2017 season because of being involved in a credit card fraud scheme last August. After declaring for this year’s draft, he failed a drug test at the combine for having a diluted sample. Even before his game against the Giants Thursday, Callaway was pulled over last Sunday morning because for not yielding for oncoming traffic and was given a citation for marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license. However Callaway said he recently had his car shipped from Florida to Ohio, and he hadn’t used the vehicle lately, so he had no idea there was marijuana in it. So Callaway should be perfectly fine from incident, but he’s been involved in some kind of trouble ever since he was in college, which is why his draft stock fell. However the Florida product looks very determined to be a dedicated pro, and showed that on Thursday. Callaway had 87 yards receiving on only three receptions including a 54 yard touchdown and an impressive 24 yard diving catch. Expect Callaway to only improve as he progresses through his career.

3. Shaquem Griffin, Seattle Seahawks

Regardless if he has one hand or two, Griffin is a baller. And even though critics say he’s “undersized” for a linebacker, that doesn’t stop him from making plays on the field. The league is getting faster, and teams are starting to use nickel packages more often anyways, so Griffin fits the mold of a modern outside linebacker. The UCF standout had nine tackles Thursday against the Colts, including six tackles solo dolo, with one being a tackle for loss. The team believes in him and as time goes by he can very well be one of the leaders in the locker room.

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