Urban Meyer and Gene Smith in some deep trouble

Only time will determine the fate of Ohio State coach Urban Meyer and athletic director Gene Smith but so far it does not look good. There are alleged texts involving former wide receivers coach Zach Smith, admitting that he abused his ex-wife, and pictures of her that show signs of abuse.

Zach Smith was served a civil protection order by Courtney Smith, causing Zach Smith to be fired in July. Alleged evidence shows that Urban Meyer was aware that Zach Smith was abusing his ex-wife back in 2015, and Meyer did not take the proper protocol. Meyer lied about this and said to media press that he did not know about that situation.

Gene Smith knew about this situation allegedly as well because Zach Smith claims he told Gene Smith about what was going on. Now while it’s not fair to Meyer that he likely had no direct role in the allegations that took place, he did lie about not knowing about it and it did not take the proper protocol to report it, so there’s a good chance he and Gene Smith may be fired, especially with Meyer being currently suspended. Zach Smith is the grandson of the Meyer’s mentor Earl Bruce, played for Meyer at Bowling Green, and was an assistant for Meyer for 11 years including the time they coached at Florida. So Meyer definitely is very close with Smith, but you have to be truthful as a head coach, especially when it involves domestic abuse.

It’s not certain that Meyer will get fired, but if he were to, it will be hard to find someone to replace the legendary coach. There’s a lot of rumors Bob Stoops could replace Urban Meyer as head coach. Stoops is from Ohio, was a great coach, and is a big name in NCAA football. However, Stoops is retired and it’s unlikely he would come out of retirement so soon, but if the money’s right maybe he could make a comeback. Another candidate that’s more realistic candidate is Matt Campbell, who is from Ohio, played college football in Ohio, and coached Toledo to 34-15 throughout the five seasons he was head coach. He may not be as big of a name as Bob Stoops, and is currently coaching at Iowa State, but Campbell seems like the perfect candidate.

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