NASCAR’s potential

It’s a consensus to most sports fan that NASCAR doesn’t compete with the “big four” sports leagues in America (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL), but NASCAR can still improve it’s fan numbers and revenue if the league makes the right moves. A majority of NASCAR viewers are more of an older age group. According to studies by Brandon Gaille, only 9% of the overall NASCAR audience fall under the 18-34 age demographic with 3 in 4 people in the NASCAR demographic are over the age of 35. To increase viewers it would seem plausible to reach out to younger demographics.

One idea is that NASCAR implement youth programs for people old enough to have a driver’s license or a permit. Typically those people consist of high school, college students. NASCAR could bring in multiple NASCAR drivers with race cars to different schools/venues and have them test drive race cars, with a race car driver accompanying them for the ride, and get a sense of what being a NASCAR racer is like, helping them to become a fan of the league. There could also be youth programs for students below the high school level or just people not old enough to drive yet in general, where they can do race car simulators, similar to how flight schools have realistic flight simulators. The programs could also involve promoting safe and responsible driving tips as well. If youth programs like these were to be implemented, the youth get more of a hands-on approach and engagement with NASCAR, that can help increase the league’s fan base short-term and in the long run.

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